Ok Time for the good and bad for these watches although Everything that you have read is my personal opinion about these products. They have their own strengths and weaknesses but I do feel that they all are my top 3 watch choices and that they will get the job done.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch  

The Fitbit Blaze has a Large screen, easy to read display and a pretty decent gorilla glass screen that doesn’t get scratched. It has a very accurate heart rate monitor and automatically tracks steps, sleep, workouts, heart rate. All this can be viewed easily on the screen without the need to manually start an activity. The battery life is great it has about 5-6 days duration. This watch also has smart notifications (texts, accept or reject calls, calendar appointments) which are very convenient best of all it is under 200 dollars!! I Love the auto-track feature. You really don’t need to manually start activities like running, walking, or elliptical, the watch automatically picks up these activities and logs them based on movement and heart rate. In my opinion this is an excellent feature. For spinning, cardio, and weights, you will need to manually start these activities, although it still calculates calories burned automatically based on heart rate during these activities.

As for the bad, the design may not be appealing but you can kind of get used to it. It has no built-in GPS to map runs and bike rides you would need your phone. I would not recommend swimming or no other things that involve water because it’s not waterproof. Every time you need to charge it be prepared to remove it from the frame. The screen doesn’t always activate when you raise my wrist. There is not an option to keep screen on always. This is probably to conserve battery life. If I was to compare this with the Apple watch I would say that the Apple watch is sleeker and feels more comfortable on the wrist. The Blaze is large and feels awkward initially, at least it takes getting used to. Apple watch has a better and crisper resolution compared to Blaze’s screen. Blaze automatically tracks activity and sleep. Apple watch doesn’t track sleep and requires you to manually start logging an activity. Both have smart notifications and show text messages, calls, calendar appointments, but Apple watch lets you do more like view WhatsApp messages and other phone notifications, and answer calls right on the watch.
Blaze has a 5-6 day battery life with normal use compared to Apple watch which needs to be charged every 1-2 days. You really can’t beat the price either the Blaze is under 200, and the Apple watch is starting at 349 for base model.

Garmin Forerunner 35

The Good thing about the Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch is it has a Virtual Pacer, that’s a great feature that helps you know how far ahead or behind you need to be on a run. It also has a Interval Trainer. It Beeps loud enough that you can hear it through headphones or hear or other noises. The Garmin also has smart notifications that displays email, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone. The battery lasts around 5 days, with 4 training runs and notifications turned on. The band has a comfortable fit. The GPS works great, it syncs fast. With Garmin Connect links up great with mapmyrun and other apps.

The Bad thing about this is that it has no color display. Also its not as customizable to wear. Not for heavy runners, or triathlons the band is also very small. But overall this is a great if you want to perform better at jogging, running/walking, or other events.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 band is made of a comfortable silicone and the display appears to be a little flimsy resembling plastic. It is somewhat low profile and comfortable on the wrist. The screen itself isn’t the most responsive, but it works well enough. The display is bright and easily visible. You won’t have trouble seeing the screen outdoors. I found the Fitbit Charge 2 to be an incredible fitness device compared to the Apple watch. Everything is streamlined for fitness with the Fitbit, while the apple watch is cluttered and optimized as a “smart watch”. With a quick glance I can see the time, my steps taken, and heart rate. It takes just seconds to set up a workout and scroll the menus. The Fit Bit is very simple. You have continuous monitoring of heart rate. The FitBit can also track sleep, and give you an estimate of your cardio fitness score (V02 Max).

It also has text and call notifications are great when you’re working out and don’t have quick access to your phone. Overall, the FitBit makes fitness fun. It’s packed with so many cool features, and really is a motivator for everyday activities. It is perfect for someone who wants to streamline their fitness goals and keep track of their life. It is a wear all day and all night product.

If you do decide on the FitBit, be careful with sizing! the band runs pretty large. I hope you enjoyed the reviews and please if you have any comments let me know. Thank you.

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