Chicken Pasta Pesto w Chicken Sausage

Depending on how many people you want to serve you can cut the portions in half


1 pack of boneless chicken breasts (8 pack)

2 packs of Hillshire Farms Basil Pesto Chicken Smoked Sausage

1 box of Farfalle and Mini Farfalle pasta

1 Jar of Classico Traditional Basil Pesto

2 Tablespoons of Land O Lakes Garlic and Herb Butter

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil



Mrs. Dash Original Flavor Seasoning

Bumble Bee Italian Style White Clam Sauce (optional)

– Clean and dice the boneless chicken breast set to the side

– Slice the smoke chicken sausage into circles (you can cut them again after you cook them if you prefer)

– Season chicken with salt pepper and Mrs. Dash

– In a medium size pot bring water to a boil add pasta and cook according to the directions on the box

– Add olive oil to Skillet and set heat on medium to medium high once the oil is hot add the butter

– Add boneless chicken to the skillet and cook approximately 15 min or until no longer pink set aside

– In the same skillet add the chicken sausage and cook till browned. Cut in half (optional) and mix with the boneless chicken

– Drain the pasta and place in a medium bowl add half of the pesto sauce and stir

(optional: You can also add half of the White Clam Sauce if you are using it)

– Add the chicken and sausage mix to the pasta stir and add the rest of the Pesto (and clam sauce if using)



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